Thursday, January 12, 2012

WATCH: Bird of Play, 'Do You Want Some of This?'

While crows are known to be highly intelligent creatures, this video is pretty amusing.

It seems like every since the birth of Blue Ivy Carter, the Internet and traditional news outlet have lost their damn mind with the continued coverage. This is not news. Anywho, the NYC Health Department has deemed the two complaints filed against Lenox Hill Hospital for not treating other patients properly during Beyoncé's stay to deliver her baby, as "not credible."

In other news: The Carters are reportedly planning to be the first artists to make a music video in space. According to MTV, the couple will travel to space in Virgin Galactic spaceship.

Here's some good news. Phyllis Leitheiser's rescue dog Sierra saved her life.

A drunk and high 60-year-old woman drove 18 miles going the wrong way on a Tacoma, Washington highway at 100 miles an hour.

We've seen this around these parts before. Just add Hazel Jones, 27, to the short list of women with two “fully-formed” vaginas.

During a court hearing of a accused in the killing of high school student in a drive-by shooting in Decatur, Georgia, a brawl broke out between the victim family and a gang called "Hoe Haters." Too much.

People are crazy, we tell ya. David Weis barged into a 63-year-old woman's home, sat down in a a chair, exposed himself and asked her: "Do you want some of this, do you want some of this.” The funniest part of this story: The woman, Pamela McWilliams, believes she's a redhead and that's where her courage comes from.

Meanwhile, in Daytona Beach, Florida, 82-year-old Charles Robbins "put a burglar out of business" -- for good.

Sh*t nobody says.

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