Wednesday, January 25, 2012

WATCH: Breast Implant Saves Woman's Life, Chicago Has No Respect For the Dead

When a 41-year-old Florida woman forked over $6,000 for breast implants three months ago, she had no idea the saline bags would save her life. The woman says her ex-fiance's new girlfriend, Amy Winter, attacked her outside of his apartment yesterday, stabbing her repeatedly in the chest with a pocketknife. The implant absorbed the blows and prevented the woman from taking a stab wound to the heart. The victim's surgeon is giddy from the attention, told a local news station: "If this saves lives, there's nothing wrong with passing a law that everyone should have breast prosthesis." That's if they don't blow up inside your body or get lost inside your body or give you cancer. No thanks.

Meanwhile, in Forkland, KY 28-year-old Billy Joe Hays says long johns saved his life. He says two men attempted to and lit his pants on fire, but he avoided serious injury because he was wearing thermal underwear beneath his pants.

Olivia Neubauer, who will turn 100 on March 11, is still teaching and doesn't intend on stopping until God takes her.

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If you're wanted by police for peddling fake Louis, don't then leave your 5-year-old child alone in a hotel room while you go gambling. Mother of the Year candidate Xiao Xu Wu, 38, brought her son for a family-bonding trip to Mohegan Sun hotel in Connecticut, but when the boy discovered his mother was gone for more than an hour, he called 911 and he and the 911 operator had a nice chat -- while police officers swooped down on the casino and arrested his mother for risk of injury to a minor. The really sad part of this store is: the boy has to remain in state custody because Mother of the Year is from New York and doesn't have any family members living in Connecticut. Anyone wants to adopt a bright 5-year-old? How about this 5-year-old, who called police for his mom and grandma on Monday?

We don't understand these people. If you claim you take pride in your neighborhood and saw this trash piled up in front a home where the owner died recently, why don't you clean it up and stop complaining? Just sayin'.

Brandon Smith was arrested in Chesapeake, Virginia on Monday night for being indoors while black. A pizza delivery woman told police she was robbed and cops claim they saw Brandon and his friend, Brian Faulcon, run into a nearby home. But Brandon says he wasn't running, he was merely walking to his home with his friend when cops swooped down on the pair and arrested them because they fit the description of the robbery suspects.

Dr. Nancy Jones, who's the medical examiner in Chicago, is TERRIBLE at her job. There are hundreds of rotting bodies piled up at at the city morgue (see photos, in the video below) that lawmakers are introducing legislation Thursday to fire her. One one of those bodies is Brian Warren, a 52-year-old who ed last month. When Brian's family called the morgue to inquirer if his body was there they were told "he's not on the chart." See, that would make sense if they actually had a chart that logged the bodies in the morgue. Shame!

Meanwhile, in Dellwood, Missouri, mayor Loretta Johnson (who the city's first black elected official), is trying to get rid the city's predominantly white police department because they're terrible at their job. Hundreds of rapes and child abuse cases have gone unprosecuted and evidence have been tampered with, for example.

Uh-oh, black ministers in Houston are gonna have a fit. A 36-year-old woman was shot in Phoenix by a man who pretended to be interested in buying a $400 pair of Jordans.

Derek Stahlhut is an idiot. His first mistake was paying $4,885 to an online dating service -- a dating service with an "F" rating with the Better Business Bureau that didn't deliver any dates and now he wants his money back. Yeah, good luck with that.

Vernice Ruenell Zagerman, 52, is facing child endangerment charges after she tried to give her 3-year-old granddaughter away to strangers at a Houston gas station. She told one of those stranger she could no longer taker care of the child -- who she was babysitting while her mom is at work -- and left in a cab.

While trying to evade a deputy who was trying to serve her with legal papers, Alexandra Osteyee-Hoffman embarked on a high-speed 10-mile chase through North Carolina. Cops threw out stop-sticks in front of her car, which popped one her tired. But that wasn't going to stop Alexandra; she tried to escape on foot. The 28-year-old was charged with a slew of charges, including felony fleeing to elude, failing to heed lights and sirens, injury to personal property, reckless driving to endanger, speeding and three counts of resisting a public officer. Her car was also confiscated and will be sold, per a new law in North Carolina which allows cops to sell cars used to flee from police. [Note: Video has no audio.]

Reporter keeps it real.

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