Monday, January 16, 2012

WATCH: Kicks-napped, Cuckoo Crazies

Uh-oh. This is gonna add fuel to black leaders and preachers' ridiculous request from Nike. Bryant Toala, a 22-year-old sneaker head is mourning the loss of his $10,000 collection of Air Jordans. Bryant say burglars broke into his home in Charlotte last week and stole his 30 pairs of sneakers -- and matching fitteds.

Some fetishes are just beyond comprehension, so we wouldn't begin to try to rationalize or attempt to understand Johnny Guillen Pimental. He was finally arrested last weekend after he was suspected of slashing 13 women on the butt at several Virginia area retail stores

Justin Barger, 21, had his last drink on Friday. After his parents threw away all of his alcohol, the mentally-challenged North Carolina drunkard pulled them out of bed and proceeded to attack them. His mother pulled out her pistol and ordered him to stop beating up his father, but when he charged at her, she pulled the trigger and shot him dead. The mother will not be charged, as police say this was self defense.

It may be Martin Luther King Jr. Day, but doesn't stop racists from being racist-y. Dorothy Campbell, who's the only black family on a street in Drummonds, Tennessee, came home this afternoon to find "KKK" markings on her driveway and mailbox.

Alex Rodriguez was treated for pneumonia and asthma at Bronx Lebanon Hospital and he received a bill for $44,776,587. Yeah, that sounds just about right.

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Sean Riker, who's facing 168 years and six months in prison for abusing his entire family, is what you may call batch*t crazy. At his sentencing today, the madman threatened to kill everyone -- including the judge and prosecutors. Absolute insanity! (The censors went crazy with the beeping in the second video.)

It's probably not always a good rule to shoot first and ask questions later. Tell that to Larry Valadez.

Fast foods restaurants are not safe for life. If you read us, you already knew that. A grandmother was assaulted at a Detroit-area Chuck E Cheeses.

Kathy Wilson admits her 18-year-old daughter, LaTonya Nelson, is a thief, but she didn't steal hair weave from a Lawrenceville, Georgia beauty supply store. in fact, LaTonya's friend admitted to the crime, but cops let her go and arrested LaTonya instead.

Sh*t bougie black girls say.

Sh*t girls with big boobs say.

Sh*t natural hair girls say.

Sh*t natural hair girls say. (2)

Sh*t Real Housewives say.

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