Monday, January 30, 2012

WATCH: Lady Marries Building, Funeral Home Loses Woman's Body, Man Killed For Crashing House Party, Bad Mothers

With a name like Babylonia Aivaz, you know she's a bit nutty. She has to be, right? So when she married a Seattle warehouse last weekend, no one batted an eye -- except the people protesting the fact that it was a same-sex marriage. Yep, the building is female, too.

Speaking of batsh*t craziness, this crazy (Jewish?) lady unleashes craziness on passengers of San Francisco bus.

Last Friday, Sebastian Prevot didn't stop his vehicle far enough behind a stop sign in Houston, Texas. That, apparently is a major offense and police officers let him, know it. Three police officers pulled him over in front of his home and beat him up. His wife, Annika Lewis, 26, pulled out her cell phone and began to record video of the assault. Uh-oh! When the officers noticed they were being filmed, they punched her in the face and confiscated the memory card.

Melody Clark may be a grieving mother, but she's not stupid. After her daughter was murdered by her husband, Melody hired Henderson Funeral Home in Hernando, Mississippi to take care of burial -- but she refuses to place a headstone on the grave site because she's absolutely certain that's not where her daughter s buried. How does she know this? Mother's intuition, perhaps. Oh, and the fact that the funeral home allegedly doesn't know for sure where her daughter is buried. "They've tried to give me three, three different graves and neither place that they've shown me is my daughter's grave," Melody says.

No good happens after midnight -- especially when there's testosterone and liquor involved. Early Sunday morning, 25-year-old Matthew McCraney was beaten to death after he showed up unannounced at house party in Lakeland, Florida. According to police, Matthew showed up at the house party but he wasn't invited. Guests told him to leave. He did. But he returned and guests told him to leave again. On his way back to the party for a third time, he was confronted by Kristian Marlar and the two got into a fight and was beaten to death.

Meanwhile, in Burke County, North Carolina, we have a front-runner for Mother of the Year. When cops swooped down on a meth house, not only did they find $20,00 of "high quality" meth, they found a 14-month-old baby girl. The baby had been there for a week! None of the adults in the meth house knew the baby's name. They did say her mother dropped the child off and told her she was going to the doctor; she never returned.

And in Houston, we have another candidate. A woman paraded her 14-year-old daughter around several apartment complexes and forced her have sex with men for $20 to $50. Then it gets worse! The woman (who's not named to protect the girl's identity) forced the girl to have sex with her 47-year-old boyfriend and at nighttime took her to truck stops and sell herself to five or six men each night. This "mother" needs the electric chair.

And for the trifecta: Dalisha Adams, 26, is facing child endangerment charges after she abandoned her 3-year-old and 5-year-old daughters on sidewalk in Brooklyn, NY then drove off. After a few hours of just standing there on the corner, the girls, Domini and Dioni, were found by a good Samaritan. The girls were dressed warmly and carrying a pair of disposable diapers. According to neighbors, Dalisha (who, has another 8-year-old daughter) verbally abuses the girls. "She shouts at them 'Shut the f-- up! Get the f--- out of here.' I heard her cuss out her little baby," said one neighbor. "I hope she doesn't get those kids back. It's not right." Another neighbor adds: "She talks really dirty to her children and treats them very shabbily. She says things like ''l'll kick your f---ing ass.'" Shortly before they were found on the sidewalk, another neighbor overheard Dalisha telling the girls: "Stop crying. Shut the f--- up. I'm going to get you out of here." As we've said before, some people shouldn't be allowed to have children. Add Dalisha to the list. No more government assistance for her -- except a bed and three meals in prison!

As a reporter was covering the the arrest of hundreds of Occupy Oakland protesters, one lady (that is a lady, right?) decided it's the perfect time to show off her booty clapping skills. Classy.

Selling Tupperware in heels, wigs while maintaining your tuck ain't easy, but someone gotta do it.

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