Tuesday, January 3, 2012

WATCH: Shoplifting Suspect Beats Herself into Coma, Clean Up in the Frozen Food Aisle

Last month, police in Charlotte, North Carolina picked up 18-year-old Tanisha Williams on suspicion of stealing a $14 shirt from a local clothing store, but while siting in the parked police cruiser jail, she started banging her head against the Plexiglas window and eventually choked herself with a seat belt. According to the video inside the police cruiser, Tanisha, who refused to cooperate with police, is seen wrapping the middle seat belt around her neck three times. It took her less than ten seconds. Officers (who were not in the car at the time, but got out of the vehicle to complete some paperwork) did not notice the seat belt around Tanisha's neck for several minutes because of her hair. Six minutes after she strangled her, the officer noticed the seat belt wrapped around Tanisha's cut it free. Since the Dec. 5th incident, Tanisha has been in a coma. Her attorney believes cops are responsible for the beating, but the video doesn't lie.

Speaking of which, a Utica, New York police officer is under investigation by the FBI after he was caught by his own dashboard cam planting evidence in a man's SUV during a traffic stop last February. Around the 1:02 mark of this newly-released video, the officer is seen pulling a bag of something white out of his pocket before leaning into the SUV. Then he appears to come out holding a very similar bag as if he had just discovered it.

In Atlanta, this woman is understandably upset that the 16-year-old boy who killed her son is set to be released from jail due to a technicality, but we were completely distracted by her eye make-up.

What's that smell?

PETA will go insane if they saw this video. A pack of wild pit bulls are caught on camera attacking a couple of beagles in Brazil -- until cops arrived.

I just can't.

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