Tuesday, February 7, 2012

WATCH: Doctors Perform C-Section on Patient Who Wasn't Pregnant, Teacher Sprays Stinky Student With Air Freshener

What the hell?!? Doctors at New York Downtown Hospital in NYC performed a C-section on a 16-year-old girl who wasn't pregnant. Yes, they performed a sonogram and even though they didn't see a heartbeat or fetus. Yep, these are some amazing doctors at work.

It's really only a matter of time before the Feds shut down shady tax preparation company Mo' Money Taxes who has been taking advantage of the poor (and the disadvantaged) by offering to file their tax returns (for a hefty fee) and then held those refunds hostage. Furthermore, the company doesn't have a license to operate in many of its locations. Sidebar: The company's owner is threatening to sue a Virginia TV station who first reported the story for "ruining his business." Yeah, good luck with that. With Feds now on the case -- and hundreds of pissed off customers knocking on the door -- he has much bigger fish to fry.

Meanwhile, in Tampa, for the second time in two years, Crystal Lake's tax return was stolen.

A Canadian mother is hurt her 10-year-old son's teacher put him in the hallways and sprayed him with Febreze because she smelled like fish. The principal told her people make mistakes and to go kick sand, but the filed an official complaint with the school board.

Mother of the Year candidate Bradie Simpson is off her rocker. The 39-year-old Macks Creek, Missouri woman slashed her 9-month-old baby girl's throat then went into the woods, where the child was found unconscious (but still alive) and Bradie with a cut to her throat, too. This all could have been avoided if DCFS took the baby away a few months ago, when Bradie ran into a church, threw herself against the wall and begged that the priest take the child because she (Bradie) is possessed with demons. Heroin is a helluva drug.

A racial outburst in Houston, Texas? Does today end in "day"? Thelma Sample says the driver called her 13-year-old son names, used profanity and the n-word while driving him home from school last Friday.

Two hundred miles away in San Antonio, someone has been hanging nooses and leaving death threats against black students at a high school. [story begins around the 00:19 mark]

Nuns at a Chicago convent are upset that a strip club, er, "gentlemen's cabaret" is opening right next to their vegetable garden. Oh, the travesty!

While this winter has been unseasonably warm in the US, everything -- and we mean, everything -- is frozen solid in Switzerland.

Officials in Venice, Florida have swooped down on a woman who's leading a free yoga class on a beach. It's all about money. See, the county wants a for a kickback -- they want the yoga instructor to pay to offer the free classes on a public beach.

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