Wednesday, February 1, 2012

WATCH: Donkey Stuffs Tarantulas Down His Pants, Donkey Tries to Feed Child to Pit Bull

And the Donkey of the Day is Adam Hartmann. The 20-year-old idiot walked into a Tempe, Arizona pet shop (a place he visits every single day), filled out a job application the stole two tarantulas by stuffing them into his pants. And it was all caught on tape!

Michael Chavis Jr, of Lancaster, SC assaulted a 5-year-old boy "by picking that child up and holding them over an aggressive, chained pit bull dog." The pit bull was able to get a hold of the boy's shirt, but he was not bitten. Michael -- who at 22 years old has been arrested for 23 different crimes -- was charged with assault and battery.

Lillie Simmons, a 76-year-old widow from Charlotte, NC says a couple stole her pet chihuahua and then it gets weird. She received a call from a woman who is demanding Lillie pay her $250 in vet bills for neutering and vaccinations.

Colton Vaughn woke up Monday morning to find a burglar in his Federal Way, Wash. apartment. The 20-year-old began fighting with the intruder then tossed him over the third-story balcony, from which he came. The man was able to escape before cops arrived.

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