Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dennis Rodman Cries Poor, Asks Judge to Lower Child Support Payments

Remember several weeks ago we picked up a National Enquirer story about a homeless-looking Dennis Rodman playing in traffic then hitched a ride with a woman in Florida only to suffer a "drug overdose" after shooting up heroin in her passenger seat? Well, this story has nothing to do with that (or does it?), but the NBA hall of famer is petitioning the court to reduce his child and spousal support payments to something he can afford -- which is basically $0.00. More money for vodka -- and allegedly heroin and cocaine. HEEYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!
Former NBA badboy Dennis Rodman says he’s sick and broke and unable to pay back child support and spousal support payments, according to court documents. Rodman, 51, has been ordered to appear in an Orange courtroom Tuesday for a contempt hearing and faces up to 20 days in jail for failing to make payments, according to an attorney for his ex-wife. The former Chicago Bulls star, who played alongside Michael Jordan, owes $808,935 in back child support for the 9- and 10-year-old children he shares with his third wife, Michelle Rodman, according to court documents filed by her attorney, Jack Kayajanian, the Los Angeles Times reported. Rodman also owes her $51,441 in back spousal support and Michelle Rodman is also seeking attorney’s fees, the Times and the Daily Pilot reported. Linnea Willis, Rodman’s attorney, says in court documents that he is barely able to pay for his own living expenses, much less the $5,000 he has for one child from another relationship and the $4,500 monthly payment for spousal and child support for Michelle Rodman. Court documents say Rodman is “extremely sick” and his marketability is diminishing with age and illness. “Respondent Dennis Rodman is broke and cannot afford any additional fees,” according to court documents.

source: KCBS
When Michele filed for divorce on 2004, Dennis listed his previous year's income as $570,000. He said he had $3.4 million in property and $1.45 million in stocks and bonds. But, he said, maintaining his hard-charging lifestyle cost him more than $31,000 a month. Interestingly, Dennis and Michelle are still close. In fact, at the hearing the hearing today in Los Angeles, he referred to her as his wife and revealed the two had dinner Monday night. (Their two children were at the dinner, too.) Anywho, if Dennis doesn't come up with the $860,376 by May 29, he'll be thrown in jail or ordered to complete community service. Dennis' financial advisor said the former NBA baller is an alcoholic.
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