Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dennis Rodman Suffers Drug Overdose: report

A 23-year-old lady named Jenna Coffman says she was waiting at a stoplight in Hollywood, Florida on Feb. 27 around 2:30pm when a large man knocked on her car window and asked her for a ride to a nearby resort. With her 3-year-old in the backseat, this Mother of the Year opened her door and let the stranger -- who looked and smelled like a homeless person -- in. The hitchhiker was 50-year-old NBA hall of famer Dennis Rodman. They apparently exchanged pleasantries, then things got weird.
Rodman climbed into the front passenger seat of her Lincoln Navigator, then started rummaging around in a satchel he carrying, said Jenna. "He was handing me stuff - cigars, dollar bills, and suddenly, I was holding a plastic bag with three hypodermic needles filled with a clear liquid," she said. "Dennis took one of the needles and rolled up his sleeve. He said, 'You will LOVE this sh*t! It's amazing!' He wanted me to try it. I was horrified! He stuck the needle into the inside of his elbow and pulled the plunger out. I saw blood flow into the tube, and then he injected the liquid. I've seen a person inject heroin before, and I'm sure that's what it was from his reaction. He began to cough violently, and then he passed out cold!" To make matters worse, Rodman smelled like a street bum, she said. "He stank of alcohol and urine," Jenna recalled. " He was snoring away, and I drove home to drop off my son. While I was inside, he woke up and walked into my house. He used the bathroom and shuffled out again."...."After we left my house, I drove to Ocean Manor [Resort] and Dennis went inside," she told the Enquirer. "He came out with a chicken dinner, but never touched it, and he passed out again while I was driving to his place." But Rodman woke up and wanted something to drink, so Jenna stopped at a mall restaurant where she says he downed three vodka and tonics. "Two guys walked by and Dennis invited them to join us," Jenna said. "But when he started asking them embarrassing sexual questions, they left. By then Dennis was being loud and obnoxious, yelling 'Why are you here? I know how it works! I know how people work! I watch everybody in the world. You think I'm dumb? I'm smart, and I know how it works!'" Mortified, Jenna hustled Rodman out of the restaurant , but first she had to pay the $95.68 tab. [Our note: She says he didn't have any money (save for a few dollar bills) or credit cards.]..After that, Rodman wanted to see a drag show at a gay club, Jenna said. "But when he got there, it was too easy for the show, so we left," she added. "Dennis nodded off again in the car, and when we got to the high-rise where he was staying, the doorman had to help him inside. "When I got home, I realized Dennis had left the chicken dinner, a bunch of cigars, his broken sunglasses, a Rodman basketball card, Band-Aids and a bag of what looked like cocaine in my car."

source: National Enquirer, March 19, print edition
If this groupie didn't snap pictures of Dennis allegedly passed out in her (which she sold to the Enquirer, no doubt), we wouldn't believe a word she says. Actually, we still don't completely believe her tale. Sure, Dennis may have shot up heroin and fell asleep in her car, but if she was so concerned that he may have "overdosed" why didn't she call the police or ambulance? (We did a quick search and found after doing heroin, it's common for people to fall asleep. It's not an overdose.) Who did she leave her 3-year-old child with? Why didn't she call him a cab to take him to his hotel? Why is she picking up hitchhikers? Was she hoping to give him a professional or slayed with his big, ahem, member? What did she do with the bag of cocaine he left in her car? So many questions, none of them were answered in the tabloid report. Sidebar: The Enquirer reached out to Dennis' people to get their comment on his unbelievable outing with Jenna and they said Dennis has never -- NEVER! -- used drugs and he was with friends all day on Feb. 27. Yeah, right. Wait?! Is alcohol a drug? According to the CDC, it's a "drug substance." But do you really believe Dennis has never -- NEVER! -- experimented with or used illicit drugs?
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PluSnLovinit said...

all of this sounds completely true. Dennis Rodman is an addict and a stupid 23 year old white woman preparing herself and her child to get killed from picking up strangers is highly likely.

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