Friday, March 9, 2012

Flight Attendant: This Plane Is Gonna Crash... (Splat, Boom, Pow!)... Get Off Me!!!

An American Airlines flight attendant went cray cray on board a flight from Dallas-Fort Worth to Chicago this morning. Don't worry, she's in a hospital now, where she's safe.
An American Airlines flight moments from take-off at DFW was sent back to the gate this morning after a flight attendant began ranting over the PA system about the plane crashing and eventually had to be restrained by passengers and flight attendants, according to two passengers on the flight. Flight 2332, scheduled to take off for Chicago at 8:25 a.m., was back at the gate by 9:15 as police escorted the flight attendant, kicking and screaming, to one of the several police cars that surround the plane on the tarmac, passengers say.According to two passengers, the flight was taxiing toward take-off this morning when the flight attendant came over the PA."We are not taking off," she said, according to the passengers. "We're having technical difficulties. We are heading back to the gate."Another flight attendant came on and assured the passengers: Yes, actually, we are taking off, so buckle up. But the flight attendant up front wouldn't let up. She kept going on about technical difficulties and plane crashes, the passengers say."Captain," she said. "I am not responsible for crashing this plane."Passengers started yelling, asking what was going on. Flight attendants hustled through the aisles, saying nothing. A passenger from Wisconsin, who I spoke with a few minutes ago, called 911 but was ultimately hung up on. But not long after, some guys in the back of the plane, in town for a Sam's Club company meeting, walked to the front of the plane and helped restrain the flight attendant, who the passengers are hearing was "off her meds." The plane headed back to the gate, and the cops came soon after that. "It was just unbelievable," Bethany Christakos, a Dallas woman headed to Chicago for business, told Unfair Park from the plane, not long after it got back to the gate. "She was screaming bloody murder."

source: Dallas Observer
Another passenger claimed the flight attendant, who was in her 50s, claimed she had bipolar disorder and hadn't taken her meds. Anywho, a statement from American Airlines said the plane returned to the gate, met by DFW Airport police. Two flight attendants were taken to local hospitals for treatment, according to American Airlines. The airline said it will continue to investigate the details of the "incident." The crew was replaced, and Flight 2332 landed in Chicago just before noon and everyone was drunk, because the the new crew was doling out free drinks to passengers. "We will ensure that the affected flight attendants receive proper care, and we commend our other crew members for their assistance in quickly getting the aircraft back to the gate so that customers could be re-accommodated," the airline said in a statement. "Our customers were not in danger at any time."

Here's video of the madness:

UPDATE, March 13: Here's new video of the madness.

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