Wednesday, April 4, 2012

WATCH: 22-year-old Jailed While Trying to Buy Beer + Man's Face Beaten to Mush By Cops

Even though he doesn't look a day over 12, Jose Sanders is 22 years old. (He suffers from growth hormone deficiency.) With his driver's license in hand, Jose went to a Braselton, Georgia grocery store last month to purchase a 6-pack, he ended up in jail.

Also in the Atlanta-area, a woman who claims a on-duty police officer forced her to give him a professional, saved the used condom and turned it over to CSI as evidence. That officer, Darrell Williams, was fired, but has yet to be charged. Oh, did we mention he raped the neighbor of the woman he forced to give him a professional?

Meanwhile, at the Carolina Cup horse race in College Park, SC last weekend, 225 students were arrested -- including a couple who was caught having sex in a police department horse trailer. Classy.

Here's another story about pastors taking artistic liberty with the Bible. According to police, a Corona, California mother took her 13-year-old son, who's accused of molesting another child, to pastor Lonnie Remmers for help with discipline on March 18, but the 54-year-old pastor and two grown men who lives with him and are not related (it's a group home, apparently) are facing kidnapping and torturing charges. Pastor Remmers instructed 22-year-old Nick Craig and 28-year-old Darryll Jeter to "scare" the victim. Police said Nick and Darryll took the boy to the desert, made him dig a grave before beating him with a shovel and torturing him. The boy was then taken to the pastor’s home, where Lonnie used pliers to pinch him.

Meanwhile, in Houston, Mike Aus, who has been a pastor for 20 years, has left the Christianity faith for Atheism. Then again, he was caught up in a major cheating scandal that led to his divorce -- that probably was the last straw.

Oh, brother! We can't believe we're reporting on this crazy person again -- but this a good update. Mirlande Wilson who "claims" (wink. wink) to have won the Mega Millions lottery last week, held a press conference where she (and her wig) just looked on like a deer in headlights. Her lawyer, who hasn't seen the supposed winning ticket, told the press: "I cannot say with any certainty that this ticket exists." She said earlier she hid the ticket at the McDonald's restaurant where she once worked -- because you know she lost that job. This bitch is cray-cray. Why is the media fueling her crazy?

Steven Hamilton, a noted crackhead, grabbed a woman’s purse as she was praying at a church then beat her in the head with a cane. At his hearing today, his own family let him have it!

This little boy is being chased by a flock of chickens and he's traumatized. Then again, he have food in his hand.

Tyler Perry says he's a victim of profiling.

↪ This video is just heart-wrenching. It shows a bloody, unconscious Robert Stout being wheeled into the Bullhead City, Arizona jail shortly after he had the ish beat out of him by officers and released from a local hospital. Robert (who we should point out has a lengthy arrest record, is developmentally challenged and takes medication for seizures and pain) was arrested on Feb. 2 after a foot pursuit with police. Cops say they Tasered him and he fell on his face. Every single bone in his face was fractured, however, leaving the 32-year-old's family to believe he was beaten by police. In the police report obtained by KLAS, an officer claims Robert was combative at the hospital and had to be restrained. However, medical records and video from the jail, show Robert was unconscious. Another officer says Robert was unconscious at the scene of the incident. So, who's telling the truth? BTW: This is his mugshot. A cop had to hold his head up.

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