Thursday, April 5, 2012

WATCH: Dancing Burglar Nabbed + Woman Objects to Boyfriend Going Out on His Birthday, He Shoots Her

This 16-year-old thief is so proud of himself, it makes him want to dance. This impromptu dance took place in Houston as he burglarized a bus tour company. It didn't take long to track him at his mother's home. When she confronted her son, he told her: "That’s my swag momma." What did he steal, you ask? A fire extinguisher!

In Atlanta, authorities are going hard at a 13-year-old girl for using a counterfeit $20 bill to buy ice cream in her school's cafeteria. Alajha Williams says she's innocent, but she was charged with forgery and must appear in juvenile court date on May 22 -- that's if the DA doesn't throw out this ridiculous case.

Police in Manchester, England arrested a 46-year-old gentleman who was caught in surveillance video stealing the handbag and shoes belonging to 62-year-old Sarwari Ashraf as she lay dead in the street after a hit and run.

Here's a shocker: Yet another Memphis teacher (42-year-old Aaron Thompson) has been arrested for raping a 12-year-old student.

Meanwhile, in San Antonio, Texas, a man shot his girlfriend in the chest after the pair began to argue about whether he can go out to celebrate his birthday. It's safe to say, birthday sex is not in his cards.

And in Selah, Washington, convicted thief Leland McClellan, who was caught stealing jewelry from a family friend's house party last weekend, was forced to wear a sign that read "I am a thief" for 10 hours up and down a busy street or face charges and another stint in jail.

Then there's this. Tarvon Young was suspended for planning to bully classmate, so his mother is forcing him to hold a sign outside his Miami Gardens school everyday during his suspension. That'll learn him.

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