Monday, April 9, 2012

WATCH: Easter Egg Hunt Brawl, Adult Baby

In Memphis on Sunday, Annette Pearson was arrested and charged with aggravated assault during an Easter Egg hunt. According to reports, Annette was helping her daughter find a golden egg that contained $7 when another parent (a man) thought the mother-daughter duo was cheating and confronted Annette. They exchanged words and he slapped her twice! A brawl ensued and Annette cracked his head open with a hammer. Good times.

Trangeegus Allen is having car issues. Trangeegus (yes, that's one of dem names) says a car dealership sold her lemon, then then lost said lemon and sucked her into buying a second car.

Greed and stupidity are what scammers are banking on. They banked $500 -- all of this woman's life savings.

Weeks after Ethel Sims-Mwakudu called up a local Atlanta TV station to report that someone from her apartment's management office has been breaking into her unit to steal prescription bills, the management office evicted her.

Stanley is back. And he's still strange.

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