Thursday, May 3, 2012

Granny Hires Hit Man to Beat, Rob Several People

As part our ongoing converge of grannies off their rockers, comes the story of 70-year-old Vivian Peltier who was arrested Monday and charged with conspiracy to commit aggravated assault and conspiracy to commit robbery after she alleged paid an undercover officer a down payment on a contract to assault four people in New Jersey, New York and Connecticut. According to police, granny Vivian, who lives in Wallington, NJ, wanted the victims to be beaten with bats and robbed of a total of $450,000. Money she felt she was owed.
Authorities said they began the investigation on April 20 into an alleged assault for hire that Peltier was trying to arrange. Peltier wanted an individual to make contact with several, specific victims in Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey, authorities said. “She wanted them assaulted. Beaten up. She requested various injuries that they should sustain. She wanted them to be kicked and punched, hit over the head,” DeMarco said. Peltier knew all of her intended targets, he added, though he said he could not immediately confirm their identities or whether they were related to the defendant. Investigators arranged for an undercover officer to meet Peltier during the week of April 22 and pose as someone willing to carry out her alleged plot. Peltier engaged him in a conversation about her plan to assault the victims and set up an additional meeting, according to officials. Investigators established surveillance in the Clifton on April 30, where that meeting was to take place. Peltier provided instructions on how to assault the victims and specific amounts of money that were to be paid to her, then she made a down payment on the contract, according to officials. Had the plan been carried out, the contract would have called for a percentage of the monies to be given to the undercover officer as payment for the job, according to officials. Detectives converged upon the meeting location and Peltier was taken into custody without incident.

source: The Record
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