Friday, June 8, 2012

He Had a Wreck! Megachurch Pastor Creflo Dollar Arrested For Assaulting Teenage Daughter

Creflo Dollar -- who's the pastor at the World Changers Church International in Atlanta -- just "had a wreck" of his own. The 50-year-old was arrested early this morning at his Atlanta home after he brutally assaulted his 15-year-old daughter (whose name we believe is Lisa Lauren) after they got into into a argument over whether she could attend a party.

Here's the police report.
When I arrived, I sue to the complaint/victim, Juvenile Victim LD. Juvenile Victim LD stated that she and father, Dollar, Creflo A. had gotten into an argument. She said the argument was over a party that her father told her she could not go to on Saturday night. She state that she left tearoom they are in and entered the kitchen along with her sister. She said that while the were in the kitchen, Mr Dollar walked in and found her crying. He asked why she was crying and she stated to him "I do not want to talk right now." Juvenile Victim LD said when she said that to Mr Dollar, he charged her and put his hands around her throat and began to choke her. She said he then slammed get to the ground and began to punch her and took his shoe off and started whooping her with it. While Juvenile Victim LD was speaking, I noticed a scratch on the right side of her neck close to her throat that was caused during the alert cation. After speaking with the juvenile victim, I asked if she would fill out a witness statement and she agreed.

After speaking with Juvenile Victim LD, I began to sepal with Mr Dollar about the incident. He stated that he and his daughter were in a disagreement about a party she wanted to attend. He told her that she could not go the party because of her bad grades that she had made in school. He stated that after telling her no on the party, she went into the kitchen and became upset. Mr Dollar said he walked into the kitchen and asked why she was upset. Dollar said that his daughter became disrespectful and he approached her and tried to restrain her. Dollar state that while restraint her, she bang to hit back and then he wrestled her to the floor. He stated that while on the floor, he began to spank her on her bottom and the back of her legs. Dollar said after the spanning, his daughter calmed down and he advised her to go to her room. I asked Mr Dollar if he would be willing to write a witness statement and he agreed.

After speaking with Mr Dollar, I then spoke to the sister to the juvenile victim and Mr Dollar's 19-year-old daughter. She stated that she walked into the kitchen where her sister was located. She said that her dad and sister had gotten into an argument. While in the kitchen [name redacted] said her dad walked into the kitchen and asked why Juvenile Victim LD was crying. [name redacted] said that her sister told him that she didn't want to talk to him, and then said all she remembers is her dad grabbing her sister's shoulder and slapping her in the face. She say her sister tried to break free from him and did not fight back. [name redacted] state that her dad then threw her sister on the ground and that's when [name redacted] ran to get her mother, Taffi L Dollar. [name redacted] said that after her mother entered the room, her dad stopped hitting on her sister. [name redacted] said that during the confrontation her dad put both hands around her sister's neck and choked her for about five seconds. I asked [name redacted] if she would write a witness statement and she agreed. I should that [name redacted] wrote two different statements. The first statement she wrote was completely different to the events she had explained to me. She wore "my sister got into an argument with my father. She went into the kitchen and began to be disrespectful to my father. I changed my story because I thought the situation went out of hand and I didn't want my dad to get arrested." That was the exact words from her first statement. After confronting her with statement she had written, and the testimony she had originally gave, [name redacted] wrote a second statement explaining what she had first told me. [name redacted] wrote the first statement due to her parents being outside with her while she was writing it. After separating her away from her parents, she then wrote down what she had first told me when I arrived on scene.

After I spoke with [name redacted] I spoke with Taffi Dollar about the incident. She stated the only thing she saw was her daughter, the juvenile victim on the floor and did not see the altercation between her husband and daughter.

After collecting the witness statement and with the testimonial evidence by both the juvenile victim and her sister, I placed Mr Dollar under arrest. I explained to him that he would be charged with Simple Battery Family Violence and Cruelty to Children. I then placed him in my patrol car and transported him to the Fayette County Jail. He was turned over to jail staff and is awaiting warrants to be signed by a judge. All witness statements that were written were placed into evidence. While on scene, Cpl. Vazquez took photos of the injury on the juvenile victim's neck.
Creflo Dollar -- whose parishioners, not surprisingly, don't believe a word of this police report and are blaming his daughter -- was released after posting a $5,000 bond. We wonder how many times he has beat up on his five kids like this.

Sidebar: Here's video of child abuser Creflo as he leaves jail. He tells the reporter he was "disciplining [his] kid" and he loves them.

Update, June 11: To let Creflo tell it, he "should never have been arrested." During sermon Sunday, he told his cult followers flock, he didn't choke or punch his daughter and the scratch on her neck "was a prior skin abrasion from eczema. Anything else is exaggeration." So, his daughters made false statements to police? Someone has to be lying. Update, June 12: This is the call Lauren placed to 911. She says this isn't the first time her father abused her and she feels "threatened" and "scared" and tells the 911 dispatcher everything she told police who arrived on the scene.
source: WXIA
UPDATE: Jan 24, 2013: Shock! The assault charges were dropped. According to reports, prosecutors allowed Creflo Dollar to participate in an pre-trial intervention program which requires him to complete an anger management program and pay $1,072 in fees and court costs.
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