Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Couple Jailed After Swingers' Party Goes Horribly Wrong

A couple from Spring Hill, Florida was jailed last weekend after their respective orgies went wrong. According to reports, Tina Michelle Norris, 39, and her live-in boyfriend of five years James Albert Barfield, 56, got into a fight early Sunday morning after Michelle became upset James was having sex with another woman; James lost his temper because Michelle was in bed with two men. A mess!
Deputy Cari Smith, who interviewed both, said Norris was "very intoxicated and uncooperative." Smith stated in her arrest affidavit Norris refused to put on her clothes after being told to do so. Barfield also was naked when she got to the house, Smith wrote. Smith was joined at the house by Deputy James Devorak. Smith arrested Norris and Devorak arrested Barfield, according to reports. A witness who lives at the house was interviewed by Smith. The roommate told the deputy she was sleeping alone in a spare room when she heard yelling and screaming in the hallway, according to reports. She got out of bed and saw Norris and Barfield "pushing and shoving each other from one end of the house to the other (while) breaking things in the process," Smith wrote in her affidavit. The witness said she pulled Barfield off Norris, at which time Norris went after her boyfriend. This continued several more times before the couple separated and went into separate bedrooms, deputies said. "(The witness) stated that she did not see how or what started the argument, but (said) both (Norris and Barfield) were equally aggressive to each other," Smith wrote. The same witness also told deputies the couple had a "weird relationship," according to the sheriff's office.

source: Hernando Today
Both Michelle and James were charged with domestic battery. Michelle, who suffered a busted lip, was also charged with resisting arrest. The three other people participating in the swinger's party left the house before cops arrived.

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