Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Idiot Who Fell While Trying to Escape From Jail is Suing Jail

And the donkey of the day goes to this ⇈ idiot.
A Fort Dodge inmate who jumped off the roof of the Webster County Jail in August is now suing the county and the Sheriff. Twenty one-year old Tanner King suffered a broken back, a broken pelvis, and internal injuries in the fall last month. Deputies say King was playing basketball in an enclosed roof-top gym when he went through an unlocked door, ran across the roof and jumped off—falling about 40-feet to the black-top below.
King had attempted suicide a few days earlier. The suit claims the Sheriffs Department should have done more to protect King—even from himself. “They had knowledge that he attempted suicide.” said trial attorney Mark Pennington, “They knew that. There's no dispute about that. Having had that knowledge they escorted him to a fifth floor facility on the roof and allowed him to either jump off or fall off.” King says his injuries will last a lifetime. “Pretty bad.” He says from his hospital room in Des Moines, “They`re saying I'll be in pain the rest of my life. And it`s going to take me over a year to get back into walking and the way i was. just injury-wise and my spine.”
The Webster County Sheriff’s Department won’t comment on the lawsuit, but says it’s initial investigation shows King fell while tying to escape. He is facing a laundry list of charges including burglary, stalking, domestic assault, and criminal mischief.

source: WHO
We'll update this story when the judge tosses Tanner (yes, that's him in the photo, above), his attorney and their ridiculous lawsuit out of court.
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