Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Man Jailed For Having Sex With Donkey Says He Prefers Sex With Donkeys Because Women Are Liars and Spread Diseases

Yes, donkey as in animal with four legs, not these donkeys -- even though this fella clearly is.
Carlos R. Romero said he doesn't “feel comfortable around people” and has “never been a people person.” A farm hand, Romero said he has always felt an attraction toward animals, especially horses, because, as he describes it, with humans, they've been known to “stab you in the back, give you diseases, lie to you” and are “promiscuous.” He compared them to animals, who, he said, “are usually there for you" and "do not seek other pleasures.” Their feelings, he said, are “100 percent honest.” His love for animals, mainly horses, was the cause of his arrest on Monday on a warrant for cruelty to animals. Sheriff's deputies say he was caught in a compromising position with a 21-month-old miniature donkey named Doodle.....In a jailhouse interview, Romero told a Star-Banner reporter that he masturbated while the donkey was inside his room and that it wasn't his first time doing that. He said he has had sex with horses since he was 18 and likes their “feminine shape, behavior and raw power.” "I've had a sexual excitement with animals more than humans. … I would've eventually had sex with her," he said of Doodle. He chose not to, he said, because “she's blooming into maturity.” The alleged crime had come to light on Aug. 15. Gerald Joseph James, who rents the farm in the 9100 block of Northwest 60th Avenue, walked by a tack room and saw Romero behind the donkey with his pants down, according to the Sheriff's Office. In a later interview, James said he saw Romero having sex with the animal. Romero calls James a “peeping tom” and thinks he should be arrested for invading his privacy. "I'm not harming the animal or other people," Romero said.

source: Star-Banner
I can't! Oh, it gets better. Carlos, 31, remains behind bars on $2000 bond, but when he gets out (if he gets out) he wants Doodle (pictured, above), which was taken by Animal Services, returned to him. After his arraignment yesterday, he told a reporter: "I want my donkey back. There's got to be due process here. I paid $500 for her." What a donkey! Hee-haw.

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