Friday, January 4, 2013

Woman Sues Married Pastor Who Kicked Her to Curb After She Gave Birth to His 'Devil Child'

You know we love some good church tea. Last year, we reported on several false prophets who either tried to kill their wife, beat up their children, attempted to commit insurance fraud, raped male parishioners, (this POS wasn't a pastor, but a choir director, who poured hot water on his 4-year-old stepson).....and then was this POS, who sued Sprint after the company revealed phone records to his wife that proved he was cheating on her. Now, a woman who claimed she was jumping off with her pastor and gave birth to his child (which was against his wishes), is suing him because he threw her to the side, along with his other jumpoffs and baby mamas. According to the lawsuit, Erica Hollinger claims "prophet" Clarence Johnson III abused his power as her pastor and therapist to gain her trust and have sex with her. Clarence is the pastor at Life Tabernacle Pentecostal Church in Kansas City, Missouri. Erica claims the pastor "cajoled or encouraged plaintiff to engage in conduct which she believed was improper including but not limited to demanding that plaintiff engage in unprotected premarital sex and that 'God would protect her' from becoming pregnant." Erica says she became pregnant (for the second time) and the pastor demanded she get an abortion. She refused. When their son was born, pastor Johnson called their son a "devil child."
"This pattern of sexual exploitation included asking for sexual acts from plaintiff and groping plaintiff while she was on the premises of LTPC. "CJIII after he learned that plaintiff had become pregnant for the second time demanded that plaintiff abort the child and when plaintiff refused CJIII told plaintiff that his child was 'devil child' and made numerous other emotionally damaging statements to plaintiff while on the premises of LTPC." Hollinger claims that church supervisors knew about this, including Johnson's late father, the Rev. Clarence Johnson II, the church's board of directors, including a bishop, and Johnson III's mother, Betty Johnson, whom the complaint describes as the church's "First Lady." Hollinger claims that First Lady Berry Johnson "was aware of her son's improper conduct since at least 2009, when she was advised by plaintiff that CJIII had engaged in sexual relations with plaintiff and other women." The complaint continues: "When advised that plaintiff had become pregnant for a second time, Mrs. Johnson as board member for LTPC demanded that plaintiff 'prove' that her grandson was indeed her grandson. In January of 2012 plaintiff advised Ms. Johnson that genetic testing proved that plaintiff's son was in fact Mrs. Johnson's grandchild. "Upon learning of this Ms. Johnson told plaintiff that plaintiff was 'not welcome' at LTPC any longer and thereafter continued to refuse or acknowledge her grandchild and continued to demand that plaintiff not attend LTPC, where she had attended since she was eight (8) years old." Hollinger claims Johnson has never seen, talked to or held his son, "nor has CJIII paid the child support a court was forced to order after Rev. Johnson had refused to be financial[ly] responsible for his child." And she says she is not Johnson's only victim. "This intentional pattern of sexual exploitation included but it is not limited to sexually propositioning female parishioners who were under the age of seventeen (17) to whom CJIII gained access through his position as youth pastor and/or pastor at LTPC," the complaint states. "This intentional pattern of sexual exploitation included utilizing his role as a marital/relationship counselor with TLPC as an opportunity to engage in sexual relations with women patients, clients and/or parishioners, including at least one woman who was married." To top it off, Hollinger claims: "Defendant CJIII engaged in improper sexual acts while on the premises of LTPC including but not limited to, while seated behind his father while his father preached to the parishioners of LTPC."

source: CNS
We believe all of this. BTW: the "improper" acts he engaged in behind the pulpit included sexting women while they were in church.

Sidebar: Now that the shade has been pulled on the pastor's true life, this video of him rapping, er, preaching, is hilarious. The clues were all there.

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