Thursday, February 28, 2013

Man Breaks into Woman's Apartment, Forces Her to Cook For Him

Police in Santa Ana, California are looking for a man who broke into two apartments on Monday robbing one woman of $100 then entering another another unit and forcing a woman to cook him a meal before robbing her.
Shortly before 2 p.m. [...] police believe the man broke a window to force his way into another apartment in the same complex. A woman in the kitchen of the apartment saw the intruder coming down the stairs from the upper floor of the unit. After initially thinking it was her husband, the woman realized that the man, who had a towel wrapped around his head, was a stranger. The woman's husband and children were gone at the time, police said. "She makes a break for the front door. He chases her, gets her in a bear hug and takes her back to the kitchen area, where she remained against her will for the next two to three hours," Bertagna said. The man told the woman that he wasn't going to hurt her, [Santa Ana police Cpl. Anthony Bertagna] said, and demanded that she cook him some food. After she cooked him a meal, the man found a camera in the apartment and began taking pictures of the woman and telling her she was beautiful, Bertagna said. The man tried to convince the woman to go into a shower and a bedroom with him, but she refused. "She denied his request and reminded him that he wasn't going to hurt her," Bertagna said. The man took out a pipe and began to smoke methamphetamine in front of the woman, Bertagna said. When she again denied the man's request to go into a bedroom, the man left the apartment, stealing a bicycle belonging to the woman's son on his way out.

source: OC Register

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