Monday, March 18, 2013

77 Rabbits, 4 People Found Living in House of Filth

What's that smell? While making a house call to bring in a lady wanted for failure to appear in court, police in Dunwoody, Georgia, came upon a real-life episode of Hoarders -- a house overrun with 77 rabbits, three adults, a 9-year-old child, prescription drugs and, oh, yes, "copious amounts of rabbit feces [...] on the ground, beds, couches, counters, and throughout the house." Jessica Ly, 42, Louis Massood, 47 and Dena Guevara, 48, were arrested and charged with drug possession and animal cruelty. The rabbits were seized by animal control.

source: WXIA
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Anonymous said...

I happen to know the resident Mr. M very well and i have also been in the house many times, He is a great guy with a big heart and one heck of a Pro Drummer...There were no bunnies running all over the house and no crap all over! Most of the beautiful bunnies were kept out doors on an acre wooded lot in nice hutches and cages. Yes, there were some inside in a spare room with NO bed or furniture,they were in store bought cages with plenty of fresh food and water THEY WERE NOT hoarding and by no means mistreating them at all,they loved the bunnies and were just trying to help adopt them! there were a few mistakes! and the count went up and most were babies with their mothers.He went out on a limb to help his now EX GIRLFRIEND adopt them ASAP! The police report was over exaggerated about the amount of bunnies and the CONDITION of the home and MAINLY THE drug charges.Only one female was charged with not having 2 pills from her perscription in the correct place! UNBELIEVEABLE! They tried DESPERATELY to find good homes and orgs to adopt them! it was a challenge because alot of people don't own bunnies and rescue groups were full. They did MORE for them than most pet stores would do, there were just way to many in the end. I can understand how people's imagination can RUN WILD after reading the story but it just wasn't at all the way it sounds! Don't judge or hate Them for getting in this situation.They actually had a planned adoption with a Theme Park owner to get alot of them a week befor the arrest! Most agree it was foolish but it was NOT intentional! The Media loves a story that makes people's imaginatin go wild! HAVE SOME MERCY on Them Please! The Accused are good people! Regards, Tim

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