Friday, March 1, 2013

Lady Sues Walmart After Eating Expired Chocolate Bar

Terrica Brown of Huntsville, Alabama doesn't want to spend the rest of her life working at Walmart, so she hopes to cash in. Earlier this week, she sued Walmart and the Hershey Co. alleging she became seriously ill after eating a Mr. Goodbar that was nine months beyond its expiration date and moldy.
The lawsuit says the plaintiff, Terrica Brown, was working at the 2900 South Memorial Parkway Walmart on Feb. 28, 2011. She clocked out, went on break and ate a Mr. Goodbar candy bar purchased at that store. The lawsuit says, Brown did not know "the candy bar had an expiration or sell by date of May 10, 2010, and was at least 9 months out of date at the time it was sold to plaintiff. Said candy bar was contaminated with mold. The Plaintiff, Terrica T. Brown became violently sick to her stomach and had to leave work and seek medical treatment." [...] The lawsuit notes that Brown was not "acting in the line and scope of her employment at the time" when she ate the candy bar, so, "her medical expenses and time off work have been denied as covered under any applicable worker's compensation laws." Brown suffered injuries to her stomach and intestinal tract; had doctor, hospital and drug expenses; lost time and wages from missed work and suffered pain and mental anguish, according to the lawsuit. Brown alleges negligence, wantonness and breach of contract, among other claims for allowing the product to remain on the shelf and creating an unsafe condition and offering it for sale. Her lawsuit seeks unspecified compensatory and punitive damages and related costs.

source: AL
We have so many questions. For instance, why did she eat a moldy chocolate bar? Anywho, we're going to wish her luck trying to get her job back after this frivolous case is tossed out of court.
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