Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Man Attacks Roommate With Tree Branch Over Facebook Post, But He May Have Deserved It

Yes, it's yet another story about a person who doesn't know how to act on Facebook. But this beatdown may have be warranted.
Edmond police said a man is in custody after he beat his roommate with a tree branch when the victim posted an unflattering message on his Facebook page. Jean Parfait Koffi, 26, was arrested on a complaint of assault with a dangerous weapon. Officers said they were called to the 20 block of South Bryant Avenue on Tuesday by Koffi's roommate who told them Koffi hit him repeatedly with a tree branch. Koffi said the victim had loaned him money and he had not paid back the full amount. Last week, the men had a physical altercation that Koffi said left him with minor injuries, according to a police report. Koffi said his roommate then posted about the fight on his Facebook page saying he "beat" Koffi and "won the fight," investigators said. The victim also posted pictures of ice packs Koffi had used following the fight and made fun of him, Koffi told officers. He said the posts "hurt him inside," according to the police report. Koffi admitted to police that he took a tree branch and hit his roommate repeatedly, breaking the branch into pieces. The roommate told officers Koffi also got a kitchen knife and approached him with it, but a third roommate separated the two. According to the police report, the victim had cuts, scratches and a gash on his head as well as cuts on his arm.

source: KOCO
The victim, a 24-year-old college student from the Ivory Coast (we believe Jean is also from the Ivory Coast) named Patrick told another news network Jean hit him hit him more than 10 times with the tree branch. He adds: "I had to run into the bathroom and hide. Before I knew, I saw blood all over my body…and he came to me with a knife, trying to stab me. I was like, ‘My life is in danger.’” Woo-woo-woo! Patrick says he plans to move out of the home in Oklahoma at the end of the month. Everyone just needs to grow the hell up!
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