Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Man Caught Watching Child Pr0n Admits to Intentionally Trying to Infect Men With HIV

There are some really psychotic people who walk among us. Last weekend, police in San Antonio swooped down on the home of a man they suspected of possessing child pr0n and when they barged in -- shocker! -- they found him with his pants down watching child pr0n. While they were interrogating, owever, 51-year-old Carlos Sanchez, he revealed he is much more effed up in the head.
A criminal complaint affidavit said Sanchez admitted to agents that he had used numerous file-sharing networks to receive and distribute child porn since 1999. “Also during this interview Mr. Sanchez informed the interviewers that he has 'full blown AIDS' and is intentionally having unprotected sex with random males that he meets in the local parks,” the affidavit said. “Mr. Sanchez further stated that he not only peruses the local parks for male sexual partners but also purchases cocaine and marijuana while there.” The affidavit said Sanchez also told agents that the night before the raid, he had gone to McAllister Park to buy cocaine, but could not find someone to have sex with. He then went to Olmos Park, where he picked up a man and took him to his apartment for sex, the affidavit said.

source: San Antonio Express
We tried to find a photo of him, but the sheriff has yet to release his mug shot. He currently remains in jail after a judge denied him bond and if he's convicted of the pr0n charges, he faces 20 years in federal prison. If cops can tie him to intentionally infecting men with HIV, chances are he will rot in prison.

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