Monday, April 29, 2013

Nurse Sent Home For Being Drunk, Returns a Short Time Later High on Weed

Last Saturday, 41-year-old nurse Brandy Leigh Dalton was sent home from her job at a Nashville, Tennessee hospital Saturday night after her co-workers realized she was drunk. They called a cab, and Brandy went home --- but a short time later, she showed up at the hospital with a marijuana pipe and marijuana residue in a pipe in her shirt pocket. She was arrested and charged with drug possession and trespassing. Here's an interested related/maybe-related story: A nurse whose name is also Brandy Dalton was reported missing last weekend was found "safe" late Monday night. According to her husband, Brandy "disappeared" from her home while he and their sons were running errands. Brandy "returned" home Monday night. Her family said she had "been living in a barn since Saturday." Bwhahahahaha! The family did not release any other details about her disappearance. Are "barn" and "jail" synonymous in Tennessee?

source: WSMV

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Anonymous said...

Those stories were 5 months apart. Same person though

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