Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Papa John's Pizza Delivery Man Leaves Racist Voicemail on Customer's Cell Phone

* WARNING: Video contains graphic language * With the George Zimmerman murder trial approaching, the eyes of the world are again focused on Sanford, Florida. And what we see is a place -- which is much like the rest of the country -- racially divided. Earlier this month, a black man and his wife ordered a pizza from a Papa John's pizza store in Sanford and after giving him a 21% tip on the $15 check, the delivery man accidentally dialed the customers and left a voicemail complaining about the tip. In an audio recording of the call posted on YouTube, the delivery man is heard talking to a group of friends or co-workers. "Did he tip you?" one of the men in the room asks. "No, not at all," the driver responded. "I guess that's one of the requirements of being a n***** in Sanford. They gave me five bucks. They're fine, outstanding gentlemen of the African American community." Say what, now? The driver was fired. You can try to call him to leave him a piece of your mind, but his voicemail is full.

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