Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Tossing Salad in Jail -- It's All Fun and Games Until Someone Gets Too Excited

This is not supposed to be funny, but it is. Sorry.
A Manatee County Jail inmate working with food in the facility’s kitchen is facing additional charges after he reportedly added extra, unsanitary ingredients, all from his body. Sex offender Anthony Gentile was in jail for sleeping with an underage girl when he was working in the jail’s kitchen, helping to prepare salads on May 2. The food was intended for employees at the jail. Other inmates testified that Gentile, 43, took a spoon he was using and placed it in his pants, rubbed his genitals with it, then put it back in the salad. Gentile then continued to defile the salad by taking his penis and placing it in the food, according to the affidavit. He then finished off the salad by spitting in it. Gentile asked a jail employee to taste the salad to make sure it was “alright”. The kitchen worker tested the salad, unaware of what had happened. He told other inmates, “the (expletive) is out there eating it!” Several inmates assigned to work with Gentile in the prep room witnessed the incident and told officials what had occurred doing an interview. Gentile was charged with Battery of Facility Employee by Expelling Fluids and the bond for the charge is $1,500. However, he was already serving a 364-day sentence for lewd and lascivious battery charges, plus five years probation on top of his sex offender status. The suspect had been previously charged with five counts of lewd and lascivious battery in 2011 and similar charges in 2013.

source: WFTS
Why the heck are inmates preparing food for jailers? Who thought that was a good idea?
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