Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Lady Stands Her Ground, Shoots Would-Be Attacker Then Takes Photos of His Dead Body

Andrea Isom wasn't "on the edge" of this story for some reason. Shanequa Mcdonald, 23, said she feared for her life after she says a man lunged at her with an umbrella and a pocket knife after she rebuffed his sexual advances in a gas station parking on Sunday, so she pulled out a rifle from the trunk of her car and shot him dead. She then continued to fill up her vehicle with gas and before she left, she casually walked over 58-year-old Louis Daniel's body, snapped a few photos with her camera phone then left the scene. She did not call 911. Shanequa was not arrested, but the case will be forwarded to a grand jury. Justice for Louis Daniels.
Yesterday, Shanequa held a news conference where she maintained her innocence. She says she warned Lewis numerous times to stay away from her and she "never meant for anything like this to go on."

sources: KHOU | KRIV
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