Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Meanwhile, in Florida...

So what do you do after your girlfriend dumped you? You cry yourself to sleep then awake with a new pep in your step? Or do you steal her, ahem "toys" in the hopes she will come running back to you?
Florida police are investigating the theft of “three strap-on dildos” that were allegedly taken from a storage unit by a female suspect after she broke up with her girlfriend following a rocky year-long relationship. As detailed in an Indian River County Sheriff’s Office report, Ashley Rivera contacted cops earlier this month to report that her ex “gained access to her storage unit and removed some of her belongings.” Rivera, a 23-year-old Fort Pierce resident, said that she had allowed the suspect to keep some items in the Stor-All unit, which held furniture, electronics, clothes, and photographs belonging to Rivera and her family. Rivera also noted that the storage unit contained “three strap-on dildos and handcuffs valued at $300.00.” After the suspect--whose name cops redacted from the report--broke up with Rivera, she allegedly gained access to the storage unit and removed “important paperwork” and “three strap-on dildos which [Rivera] stated she owned prior to the beginning of their relationship together,” investigators noted. Rivera, who said she was unable to contact her ex about the missing dildos, surmised that the suspect “temporarily removed the items in an attempt to get back together with her, depriving Rivera the use of the property.” The disappearance of the dildos has been classified as a possible grand theft, and the investigation remains open, according to a sheriff’s report.

source: Smoking Gun

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