Monday, July 1, 2013

Man Seeking Suicide By Cop Snatches Baby From Mother's Shopping Cart

A 2-year-old toddler is safe and back with her mother after several horrifying moments where a man snatched her from a grocery cart and held a knife to her throat. According to the dramatic scene caught on surveillance cameras, 37-year-old Sammie Wallace grabbed the child while her mother, Alicia Keating, had her back momentarily turned. He hands Alicia a cell phone and demands she call a police officer he knows in Dallas, Texas -- all while holding a knife to the little girls' stomach. Cops soon arrived and negotiated with Sammie for more than 30 minutes to let the child. Then the situation began to deteriorate, with Sammie making strange demands and counting down from 60. An officer distracted the deranged man while another moved and fired a single shot at his head, killing him. Sammie's wish of suicide by cop was granted.

Sidebar: It's unclear who the Dallas cop is or why Sammie demanded to speak to him.

source: WNEW

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