Monday, July 1, 2013

Tenants Sue Landlord Because They Could Hear Neighbors Peeing

Noisy neighbors are not fun, just ask the woman who called President Obama everyday to complain in the hopes he could tell her annoying neighbor to quiet the eff down, Bobbi Kristina's neighbors, or the idiots who forced a deaf couple to move because they were too noisy. Yes, that happened. Germany is weird like that. Speaking of Germany...
Tenants have been told they have to put up with tinkling sounds coming through the walls from their neighbours' toilet after a Berlin court rejected their complaint, telling them the noise of someone urinating was “socially acceptable.” Residents in Berlin who withheld part of their rent on the grounds that they could hear their neighbours peeing while they were trying to get to sleep have lost their case, wrote the S├╝ddeutsche Zeitung on Friday. The noise was “socially acceptable” said the Berlin district court in its ruling. The group had demanded that their landlords do something about the thin walls in the property after they said they were unable to relax properly. Legal questions around the required quality of sound insulation always depended on the age of the building, said the judges. In this case, the building dated from the 1950s, they said, when sound insulation was in general poorly regulated.

source: The Local
The kicker to this story is hearing your neighbors pee while you're trying to get sleep is "socially acceptable" in Germany. Keep that in mind while you book your next vacation.
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