Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Fired Choir Director Sues Pastors Who Beat Him Up, Stabbed His Mother

We're not sure if you recall this story from 2011 about a fight between a choir director and pastor that turned into a brawl with Tasers being used and someone being stabbed? It's a mess! Now, two years after the incident, the choir director, Simone Moore, has slapped New Welcome Baptist Church located in St. Elmo, Alabama, its pastor Darryl Riley, and deacons Harvey Hunt, Edwin Woods and Kevin Davis with a lawsuit after he claimed the pastors attacked them in a church office when he asked the church to repay a loan. Simone's mother was stabbed in the arm. Simone and Deacon Hunt were arrested and charged with assault. Back then the story was the fight broke out because Pastor Riley summoned Simone Moore, fired him and handed him his final check. Then Simone Tasered the pastor. Now, in his lawsuit, 46-year-old Simone (pictured, above) claims the fight broke out when he asked the church to repay a loan. The son and mother's two-page complaint filed by their attorney William J. Casey II of Mobile, is replete with misspellings and grammatical errors. In it, Simone says he was working as a minister at the church on Aug. 7, 2011, a Sunday, when "the Plaintiff was asks to come into a meeting after the Sunday service was complete. Regarding money owed to the plaintiff by the church." The lawsuit continues: "The meeting was being held in the church finance office directly behind the Sanctuary. The plaintiff brought his 69 year old mother to come with him to the meeting as a witness to the meeting. During the meeting the pastor refused to pay the Plaintiff monies owed to the Plaintiff. The Plaintiff was attacked by Harvey Hunt a deacon of the church who charged the Plaintiff with a knife and cut the Plaintiff on plaintiff's hand as the Plaintiff attempted to defend himself. Harvey Hutt then cut the Plaintiff on his face under the eye and forehead leaving a four inch scar above the Plaintiff's eye. As the plaintiff was struggling with Harvey Hunt he was attacked by Pastor Darryl riley, Deacon Earl Wood and Deacon Kelvin Davis and was striking in the face. Simone Moore was also struck in the ribs causing numerous severely bruised ribs. Upon seeing her son, the Plaintiff, bleeding and being attacked Agolia Moore exclaimed 'you cut my child, why did you cut my child'. Deacon Harvey Hunt then attacked Mrs. Agolia Moore, and cut the 69 year old in her right arm, requiring 9 stitches and on her right finger causing extensive injuries including skin graphs." The Moores are seeking damages for assault and battery, false arrest and "defermation of character." We think he means "defamation" of character. Oh, girl.

source: CN

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