Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Funeral Home Sends Family Email: 'Thank You for Allowing Our Directors to F--k the Hell Out of Your Loved One'

Last May, Pamela Johnson contracted Grace Funeral Chapels in Brooklyn, NY to provide funeral services for her mother, but two days before the funeral, the grieving daughter received an email from the funeral home that read, in part, "Also we would like to thank you for allowing our directors to f--k the hell out of your loved one ... Her p--sy was nice and sweet. ... there is nothing like a dead piece of ass." Say what now?!?! This is the hood. East New York York, Brooklyn. Horrified, Pamela immediately contacted the contacted the funeral home, who told her they would "investigate immediately." But she claims she has not heard from anyone from Grace Funeral Chapels. So she's filed a lawsuit seeking damages for emotional distress and negligence. Like you, we too are wondering if Pamela still allowed the funeral home to conduct the funeral, did she contact police and other authorities and did she confront the funeral directors and if she did, where's that video? So many questions. None of the answers were available in the legal papers, but damn, do we want to know.

source: CN
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