Thursday, November 14, 2013

Hello, 911? Come Quick! There's a Lady in My Bed 'Snoring Like a Train'

Just before 4:30am on Nov. 10, Ben Duddles of Waukesha, Wisconsin called police to report a woman in his bed was snoring too loudly. Ben, who was drunk, initially told police he didn't know the woman's name or how she woman got into his bed and he'd like her removed from his apartment. But he changed his story, saying he let her in and she fell asleep in his bed and is now "snoring like a train and he wants her out." Police showed up and woke up the woman. Ben wasn't charged with misuse of 911 system and once he sobered up, he apologized for wasting the officers' and taxpayers' time -- and money.

Here's the 911 call.

source: WTMJ
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