Friday, December 20, 2013

Meanwhile, in Athens, Georgia

I don't even know what to add, but this happened...
A tractor trailer was making a delivery in northeast Athens on Wednesday when it struck a portable toilet and sparked an altercation with the man who was inside at the time, Athens-Clarke County police said. When the driver of a big rig showed up at Noramco on Olympic Drive at about 9 a.m. to make a delivery, he realized he was at the wrong building and began to back up, police said. He struck a portable toilet, and upon getting out of his cab to check on any damage an irate man came out of the toilet, cursing and screaming at the driver, police said. The driver was apologetic for his accident, but the man he disturbed would not calm down, according to police. He took a swing at the trucker but missed, police said, at which time bystanders intervened and separated the two men. When an officer arrived at the scene, the man who had been in the portable toilet explained “he lost his cool and his temper got the best of him when he took the swing at the victim,” according to a police incident report. No arrests were made, but the officer gave the truck driver a case number and explained the warrant application process should he decide to press a simple assault charge.

source: Athens Banner-Herald

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