Friday, January 3, 2014

Women Caught Smuggling Cocaine Under Their Brazilian Wigs

Police in Spain arrested two women flying in from Brazil with more than a kilo (two pounds) of cocaine each hidden under their wigs. According to police, the women -- aged 18 and 28 -- arrived at Madrid's Barajas airport on different days from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Each woman was carrying about 1.2 kilos of cocaine. They hid the drugs in six packages, which were held in place by a black sock and tape under their long curly Brazilian hair wigs. "This new method of smuggling narcotics is very elaborate and difficult to detect due to the realism of the fake hair," said the statement issued jointly by Guardia Civil police and the Interior Ministry. "The packages were perfectly adhered and did not stick out from under the wigs, which made the narcotics imperceptible." Maybe the cops were tipped off or the women acted strangely to arouse suspicion, given the fact the drugs were concealed so well.

source: AFP
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