Thursday, August 21, 2014

Doctors Remove 36-year-old Baby Skeleton From Woman's Womb

An Indian woman seeking medical attention for chronic stomach pain discovered her discomfort was caused by a 36-year-old baby skeleton lodged in her abdomen. Yep, you read that right. Kantabai Pradesh, 62, from Pipariya had suffered an ectopic pregnancy, a condition in which the baby grows outside its mother’s womb, when she was just 24-years-old in 1978, according to the Times of India. When she suffered a miscarriage and needed surgery to removed the fetus, Kantabai became scared and went back to her village. When doctors at the NKP Salve Institute of Medical Sciences and Lata Mangeshkar Hospital examined Pradesh for her stomach pain and discovered a lump on her abdomen, they originally believed it was cancer. After more examinations and a CT scan, they discovered the lump was actually the calcified matter of the fetus, lodged between her uterus, intestines and bladder. “It was after the patient underwent a MRI that the doctors could make out that the mass was in fact a child’s skeleton,” said Dr. Murtaza Akhtar, one of the team of surgeons who removed the skeleton from Kantabai's abdomen. Before Kantabai's case, a Belgian woman had retained the remains of a ectopic pregnancy for 18 years.

source: Times of India
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