Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Cops Are Tapping Your Cellphone Without Your Knowledge

While this might not come as surprise, law enforcement agencies across the country are tapping your cellphone on a daily basis without a search warrant or you knowing. According to report by KSLA, these law enforcement agencies are accessing your contacts, call lists and text messages. So, how do they do it? Your cellphone is programmed to automatically connect to the strongest nearby cell tower. A device known as an International Mobile Subscriber Identity Catcher, or IMSI catcher, can pretend to be a legitimate cell phone tower and let the cops quickly search large numbers of cellphones in the area. It can sometimes be mounted in a police vehicle, or even in an airplane flying overhead. These devices go by several names, including Kingfish, Stingray, Harpoon, and Hailstorm. In Louisiana, cops say they use this technology for "urban search and rescue." Whatever that means. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to prevent cops from tapping your cell phone -- aside from not owning a cellphone.

source: KSLA
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