Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Here's the Juicy, Detailed Police Report from Warren Sapp's Solicitation Arrest

Earlier this month former NFL analyst Warren Sapp was in Phoenix to cover the Super Bowl, but he ended up in jail and lost in job in one fell swoop. The 42-year-old was arrested and charged with soliciting prostitution and two counts of assault. Now, details about that night have been released by the police in this report. According to investigators, Warren was in the Renaissance Hotel in downtown Phoenix on Feb. 2 at the bar when he struck up a conversation with 23-year-old Britney Osborne and 34-year-old Quying Jamie Boyd, who claimed to be dancers at a popular Las Vegas strip club. Warren, along with one is co-workers invited the woman back to his room. Warren's co-worker left a short time later and the women said they were dancing for Warren when he gave each of them $300 for sex. Britney immediately got to her knees and started to give Warren a professional, which he recorded on his cellphone. Quying told police she refused to partake and Warren told her if she's not going to do anything, she needed to leave. She gathered her belongings and went to the bathroom to hide out until Britney was done. However, a few minutes later she heard Warren and Britney arguing. When Quying went back into the room, she claimed Warren "tackled" them and physically pushed both of them out of the room. According to the report, Britney (who was wearing a Seahawks jersey and yoga pants) had scratch marks to her forearms. In his interview with investigators, Warren admitted he "gave each girl $300, brand new hundred dollar bills." He claimed an argument ensued because the women wanted more money for intercourse and he felt he didn't need to pay them anymore, so he asked them to leave. He said Britney spit in his face, so he gathered their clothing in a pile and told them to get out. He denied assaulting the women.

The complete report is below, but here are some tidbits.

Britney's interview with police:

Quying's interview with police:

Warren's interview with police:

This is the full 39-page police report:

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