Thursday, February 19, 2015

Illegal Butt Injections Murder Suspect Tells Judge She's 'Michelangelo of Buttocks Injections'

In 2011, a British student died after attending a pumping party inside a Philadelphia hotel room hosted by this tranny ↑↑↑, who injected industrial silicone and Krazy Glue into the student's butt. Victoria Windslowe, who's known as "Black Madam," is currently on trial for that murder and during a last-minute pretrial hearing this morning, she took the stand and told the judge she was known as the "Michelangelo of buttocks injections."
"A lot of people came to me. ... My work spoke for itself," Windslowe, 43, told Judge Rose Marie DeFino-Nastasi. The hearing was about whether Assistant District Attorneys Carlos Vega and Bridget Kirn may present evidence of "prior bad acts" - buttocks enhancements that went bad before the 2011 death of British exotic dancer Claudia Aderotimi. Windslowe testified that she knew nothing about the hospitalization of a New York woman after a 2008 incident where she injected silicone into four women in a Philadelphia hotel room. And she maintained that the cosmetic enhancement she performed were safe: "It's an art, it's body sculpting. God blessed my hands with everything I touched," Windslowe testified. The judge allowed the prosecutors to use the evidence of the 2008 incident and the lawyers are to begin opening statements later this morning. On Wednesday, in another pretrial proceeding, DeFino-Nastasi denied a defense motion to abort the trial because of the absence of a key prosecution witness. The judge ruled that the 2012 preliminary hearing testimony of witness Theresa Gyamfi may instead be read to the trial jury. Defense attorney David S. Rudenstein had argued that prosecutors did not tell him until Wednesday morning that Gyamfi, a British citizen, refused to return to the United States to testify in Windslowe's trial. Moreover, Rudenstein said, prosecutors had known about Gyamfi's refusal to return as far back as last April, when his illness forced postponement of the trial. Windslowe, who has been imprisoned on $750,000 bail since her arrest in February 2012, was effervescent as ever during Wednesday's hearing hearing. She flirted with prosecutor Vega and afterward cooed at Rudenstein, "I'm very happy with you Mr. Rudenstein; you made my day a delight." "Well, that's good," deadpanned Rudenstein. Kirn said they worked with the FBI and got Scotland Yard to go to Gyamfi's London home to try to convince her to change her mind without success. Scotland Yard officials said they had no authority to compel a witness to go to another country to testify - even if all expenses were paid. Kirn said her last contact with Gyamfi was a Feb. 5 e-mail exchange in which she said Gyamfi wrote: "I think I will pray that all will go well. I'm leaving everything in the Lord's hands and I will not be willing to travel." Vega argued against delaying the trial. He noted that, at the Oct. 10, 2012 preliminary hearing, the judge gave Windslowe's then-attorney extra latitude in questioning Gyamfi. Vega said he worried then that Gyamfi might refuse to travel or could become seriously ill or die because she also received silicone injections to enhance her buttocks at one of Windslowe's so-called "pumping parties." Gyamfi testified at the preliminary hearing that she was present on Feb. 11, 2011 when 20-year-old exotic dancer Claudia Aderotimi received a silicone injection in her buttocks. Moments later, Gyamfi testified, Aderotimi began complaining of a growing pain in her chest. Twelve hours later, Aderotimi, who had traveled from London to a Philadelphia hotel room for the injection, was dead. In addition to third-degree murder in Aderotimi's death, Windslowe is charged with aggravated assault for an injection she gave 23-year-old exotic dancer Shurkia King on Feb. 19, 2012 at a pumping party at an East Germantown home. King wound up hospitalized, vomiting blood and struggling to breathe. Doctors found that silicone injected into her buttocks had migrated in her body and fragments were in her heart and lungs. Though she has no medical training, Windslowe - once a "gothic hip-hop performer who called herself Black Madam" - she allegedly charged $1,000 to $1,800 per injection for illegal buttocks enhancements.

source: Philadelphia Inquirer
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