Monday, March 30, 2015

Artist to Sue Versace for Copying Her T-Shirt Design

Yup, that looks pretty similar to us. British-born artist Kesh is set to sue Versace over a T-shirt that looks eerily similar to one she created for American Apparel in 2013. The t-shirt she designed for American Apparel (left) retailed for $30, but the Versace knock-off, er, inspiration (right) which they call the "Medusa," costs a whopping $650. “Kesh is absolutely going to sue,” a spokesperson told the New York Daily News. “This collection was made from the original artwork from my first solo show,” Kesh said in a statement. “A show that took [more than] two years to develop...This is also my face...being sold for $600 more than the original. It’s unacceptable.” This will get settled out of court; Versace will write Kesh a nice check and this whole thing will go away and never to be spoken of in public ever.

source: NY Daily News

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