Friday, March 27, 2015

Lady Gets into Argument With Boyfriend Over Cinnamon Bun, Tries to Run Him Over...So, Why Was He Arrested A Day Later?

Amy Joe Derepentigny, 34, of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina was arrested Wednesday after police said she intentionally tried to run over her boyfriend after getting into an argument over having enough money for a "cinnamon bun" purchase at a local store. According to police, Amy got into a verbal altercation with the man and during the course of that verbal spat, told him "if you step in front of this car, I'll run you over!" Which she acted on. She was arrested and charged with attempted murder and unlawful neglect of a child. (Her 13-year-old son was inside the vehicle.)

BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE!!! Her 31-year-old boyfriend, Latavius Tyrone Stephens, who's man she attempted to murder with her truck, was arrested Thursday and charged with domestic violence. Why? Because Amy is mad as hell. According to the police report: "Derepentigny told Myrtle Beach police she was assaulted by Stephens prior to her arrest, according to a police report. She told authorities she was strangled by Stephens in front of her son, according to the report. Derepentigny told police that she was sitting in a car with Stephens when they got into an argument. Derepentigny said Stephens threatened to hit her after she called him a racial slur, according to authorities. Derepentigny said she told him to “go ahead,” according to the report. Stephens said he didn’t want to because they were at his family member’s home. Derepentigny then told him to drive off the property and do it because she was tired of him making threats, police said. Derepentigny said Stephens then reached over and began strangling her, and she said she almost passed out. Derepentigny said her son was there and screamed for him to stop, according to the report. Derepentigny told police he also grabbed her by her hair and tried to pull her over the middle console and out of the driver’s side door. Her seat belt was on, and she said she didn’t take it off." A mess!

This is Latavius' mugshot.

sources: WMBF | Sun News

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