Thursday, March 5, 2015

Lady Sues Restaurant For $100,000 Because They Weren't Nice to Her on Valentine's Day

This lady is looking for a pay day, and she's not going to get it. Kathleen Hampton filed a $100,000 lawsuit against Enzo's Caffe Italiano in Portland, Oregon claiming they were rude and humiliated her on Valentine's Day. Kathleen and her husband, Percy, made reservations for that night, but they had a lunch date earlier in the day and Percy didn't think he had the appetite for the big Italian meal. So Kathleen went alone. She claimed she was ignored but "was finally seated after people coming in after me was (sic) seated. I thought that was strange but I was not getting any services." She claims when she told the waitress she was ready to order, "she took me that she was not taking my order and I had to leave and give up my table." She claims she asked for take-out, but the waitress told her they "don't do take out." (In interviews since, she's claiming she was kicked out of the restaurant because of her race.) The restaurant's owner, Enzo Lanzadoro, says Kathleen is full of it. he said when Kathleen arrived alone, they assumed her date was still on the way, so they offered her a glass of wine to sip on while she waited. Enzo said on nights when his restaurant is serving special menus, the staff typically does not seat people until their entire party arrives. In addition, the tables are used only for parties of two or more, because the restaurant is so busy it needs every seat in the house. Kathleen didn't tell the host that her date had cancelled, so she was eventually seated at a table, Enzo said, and she was also given a second glass of wine. "When the waitress asked her if the other person was coming, she said, 'No, he's not coming.' At that time, because of that day - Valentine's Day – the waitress said, 'Sorry you cannot take a table by yourself, you can either sit at the bar or outside.'" As for the situation with not allowing her to take her order to to, Enzo said the restaurant usually allows customers to order food to go, but it was not available on that particular night, because of the special five-course menu. He said before the waitress could explain, Kathleen had walked out. In her lawsuit, she's demanding ":to be made whole by public apology both in person and in writing in news and community newspapers....I also want $100,000 to make sure all business owners know we are serious about our community." LOL. Girl, good night!!!

Here's the lawsuit.

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