Monday, March 23, 2015

Lady Threatens to Give Husband Something to Call 911 About, She Stabs Him to Death as He's About to Call 911

Angela Renee Kelsey-Mahoney, 28, of Muskegon, Michigan is being held on $5 million bond after she was arranged for murder in the death of her husband.

In a Muskegon Police Department complaint affidavit on file in Muskegon County 60th District Court, Detective Kory Luker said at the time of Kelsey-Mahoney's arrest on Saturday, March 21, the 28-year-old woman told him that she plunged a knife into her husband's chest while he held a phone to his head, apparently to call 911. John Mahoney died on March 21, allegedly at the hands of his wife, Kelsey-Mahoney inside a home they shared in the 400 block of East Isabella Avenue in Muskegon. He was 35. According to Luker's sworn account of the incident, the couple had been arguing for "many hours" before the stabbing occurred. "In an interview with Angela, she admitted that she and her husband had been having a dispute for many hours. At one point she left the house, but when she returned to get her phone, her husband held the door so she could not come in," the affidavit reads. "She again walked away and when he left the door, she was able to open it and go inside." At that point, Mahoney had the phone and was going to call police, Luker details in the affidavit. "She said her husband had her phone and said he was going to call police. She said she grabbed the knife and told him she was going to give him something to call about," the affidavit indicates. "She then swung the knife at him and stabbed him in the chest as he held the phone to his ear." He died a short time later at the hospital, the court file indicates.

source: MLive

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