Thursday, March 26, 2015

Mother Who Killed Kids, Put Their Bodies in Freezer Appears in Court, Gives Police Gruesome Details of How She Did It

Since her arrested two days ago, Mitchelle Blair appeared in a courtroom this morning where she was officially arraigned on charges that she murdered her two children and put their bodies in a freezer inside the apartment where she lived. She has said she killed her kids because they were molesting their younger brother. Mitchelle was arraigned on four counts of first-degree child abuse and one count of committing child abuse in the presence of another child. Each of those counts carry a life sentence. The prosecutor says murder charges are impending. The prosecutor asked for a high cash bond, no contact with her two surviving children or family and neighbors. The judge agreed. Bail was set at $1 million. Cash! So this bish is never, ever, EVER getting out of jail.
Sidebar: The ages of the deceased children have been all over the place, but prosecutors believe Stoni Blair was 13 and Stephen was 9 when they died. Stoni would have been 15 now, if alive, and Stephen Berry would have been 11. Much like the children's ages, some of the other details continue to change. According to another investigator who spoke to the Detroit News on the condition of anonymity, Mitchelle told police she became enraged in August 2012 after finding out Stephen was allegedly sexually assaulting a relative (his younger brother), so she “placed him in a boiling hot tub of water until his feet blistered.” She doesn't say how he died, but that he did die on or about Aug. 30. She told police she then “wrapped him in his favorite blanket and placed (him) in the freezer.” the report said. Nine months later in May 2013, Mitchelle told police she found out Stoni was allegedly sexually assaulting the same relative so over the course of a week, she assaulted Stoni and basically starved her, serving her only a bowl of oatmeal a day and water. “Finally, they got into a physical confrontation when (Blair) strangled (Stoni) with a black shirt and suffocated her with a black garbage bag,” according to Mitchelle. “(Blair) stated that whenever someone would inquire as to the whereabouts of (the two children), she would make up an excuse. She even took (her other two children) out of school and told the school she was going to home school her children so they wouldn’t become suspicious as to why (Stephen and Stoni) hadn’t been in school.” She apparently admitted to a neighbor to what was going on in the home, which was almost unlivable. “(The woman) stated (Blair) told her she made (Stephen and Stoni) move away to their aunt’s because they were doing mean things to (the relative) such as taking food from him and raping him,” the report said. “It was finally on (Tuesday) that (Blair) admitted to (the woman) as to what she had done ... and why.” Meanwhile, the Michigan Department of Human Services is taking steps to end Mitchelle rights to two other children, a 17-year-old daughter and an 8-year-old son. The 17-year-old told the state she and her brother were beaten with an extension cord and piece of wood, hit with a hot curling iron and burned with a clothing iron. She said her mother made her put the body of her sister in the freezer. Medical exams revealed evidence of abuse, including numerous scars, on the two surviving children. The 17-year-old said neither she nor her siblings have attended school for two years. The children are seeking the put the two kids in foster care because their fathers are unfit to care for them. Together they owe $50,000 in child support and haven't seen the kids in two to three years.

sources: WDIV | Detroit News
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