Monday, March 30, 2015

The Evil Stepmother Will Not Rest 'Til She Kills Stepson

Last Wednesday, a 9-year-old boy wearing pajamas and no shoes ran into a school in St Paul, Minnesota crying hysterically and screaming, "My mom is trying to kill me." Following him, was his stepmother -- Tashay Caprice Johnson -- who was also screaming "I'm going to kill you." The school's principal barred Tashay from gaining access to the boy and called police. When cops arrived, they noticed the boy had swelling on the left side of his head, several marks on his left arm (which they noted appeared to be from a belt) and scratches near his left eye and right side of his neck.
He said he and his teacher walked to his home earlier that day so that his teacher could speak with Johnson about the boy's behavioral problems. Once the teacher left the boy's home, Johnson allegedly told him he was going to get a "whooping" and then hit him in the head with a baseball bat. The boy said his stepmother then hit him in the face with her fist and struck him on the arm with a gold belt. According to the charges, she also told the boy, "I'm going to grab the gun and kill you." The boy said that's when he fled to the school in his pajamas. When officers spoke to Johnson at her home, she told them she never hit the boy. Police later found the baseball bat and arrested Johnson. The boy's father then jumped up and said, "I whoop that kid but it doesn't do any good," according to the charges.

source: KARE
Tashay was arrested and charged with terroristic threats and malicious punishment of a child.

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