Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Tree Huggers Say Sidewalk Tree Was 'Murdered,' Police Open Investigation

Firstly, this story reeks of an April Fool's Day prank because it's just batty. Secondly, if it is, shame on your WCBS. Since we have no reason -- yet -- to believe WCBS would run a prank on its viewers, get into this batty mess. Some residents of New York City's upper west side neighborhood are demanding answers and a full, complete police investigation after a gingko tree along the sidewalk was "murdered." They believe someone -- who wanted to get rid of the tree due to its pungent smell -- used an axe or hatchet to trip the bark. Community gardener Costello Caldwell said it was a "act of hate" and showed a CBS reporter the "crime scene," which has been been turned into a full-blown memorial, replete with flowers and hand-written notes. One 9-year-old boy said “I feel disappointed that now I can’t say even hi to it anymore” while a woman said "“I love this tree. It’s so graceful.” Say what, now? In any event, the Parks Police has launched a criminal mischief investigation. They really have. The person, if found, will be charged with arborcide and will be forced to pay a fee of $6,000 to $7,000 to replace the tree. Really?!?

source: WCBS

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