Thursday, May 14, 2015

Kelly Price Says Pharmacist Refused to Give Her Pain Meds Because She Lives in Low-Income Neighborhood

R&B singer Kelly Price, who lives in Carson, California, went to her local CVS pharmacy Tuesday night to fill a prescription for painkillers (which she needed for upcoming dental surgery), but the pharmacist refused to dispense the controlled substance in the middle of the night because of the neighborhood. “I was offended for the people of this neighborhood," Kelly said. "I was offended for anybody who lives in a neighborhood that may not be considered the upper echelon where expensive homes are, or where six- and seven-figure earners live....What if it were somebody that walked in and it was a life-or–death situation, and they were denied the ability to fill a prescription just because of the location of the store.” Enraged, Kelly called up the local TV station to vent. Since she got the media involved, CVS called her to personally apologize for the pharmacist's actions and issued a statement that said it's not "the company’s policy to decline to fill certain prescriptions after midnight.”

source: KCAL

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