Friday, May 1, 2015

Prosecutor Resigns After Calling For Baltimore Protesters to Be Shot

An assistant prosecutor in Detroit has been fired, er, resigned after being disciplined for posting a message on Facebook that said the only way to end the violence in Baltimore was to shoot the protesters. The Wayne County's Prosecutor's Office announced Friday that Teana Walsh called prosecutor Kym Worthy to voluntarily resign. She accepted Teana's resignation. On April 27 Teana, who's on maternity leave, posted this to her private Facebook: "So I am watching the news in Baltimore and see large swarms of people throwing bricks, etc at police who are fleeing from their assaults ... 15 in the hospital already. Solution. Simple. Shoot em. Period. End of discussion. I don't care what causes the protesters to turn violent...what the 'they did it because' reason way is this acceptable. Flipping disgusting." The post was taken down but, this is the Internet.

source: Detroit News

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