Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Meanwhile, in Florida

Brittany Nichole Pierce, 19, of Panama City Beach was arrested last week after smashing a lamp over the head of a relative because he wouldn't take drugs with her. According to police, Brittany and victim got into an argument after the victim declined to use drugs with her. She then began breaking items in the victim’s home before striking the victim in the head with a lamp, leaving a laceration. But she wasn't done. Police say Brittany then threatened to shoot the victim and had a handgun nearby with one round in the chamber. As she was being taken into custody, she allegedly spit in the face of an officer. The officer later stop the car in transport to the jail because she began slamming her head against the car’s window. Eventually, she made her way to jail and is facing charges of aggravated battery, assault with intent to do violence and battery on an officer.

source: News Herald

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